Free brain training by Kwik “How to Learn Faster & Remember Names”


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Mastering Memory and Learning How to Learn – Jim Kwik on Inside Quest

Founder of Kwik Learning and Superhero You, Jim Kwik explains why we all need to relearn how to learn. Find your Passion. Evolve your Mindset. Grow with us.

Unbelievable Memory Tricks and Hacks with Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes

How to remember your presentation before you give a speech with Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes.

im Kwik shows how memory can be trained to make learning quick and efficient | Wizard

In our latest episode of “The Wizard,” Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning & Founder of Superhero You, proves that our memory has far more power than we use – by memorizing 50 numbers on the spot – and teaches us how to use our brains to the fullest potential. In an age of information technology overload, Kwik’s made a business of teaching mental strategies to keep our brains up to date.


7 Tips to Recalling Names and Being Unforgettable

How do you confidently remember names & faces in business? Here are some of Jim Kwik’s easy memory tips.

Free brain training by Kwik “How to Learn Faster & Remember Names”